About Us

"Hypothesize, test, refine, implement. "

Why Hire Douglas Green Associates, Inc.?

Douglas Green Associates, Inc., established in 1986, is a specialized trial consulting firm that primarily represents corporations in civil litigation.  We conduct pre-trial research designed to provide risk assessment for the client and strategy development and implementation for trial counsel.  Broadly speaking, it is our role to help clients understand the risks they face in taking a case to trial and to make the most effective presentation to the jury.

Our Experience

We work in the areas of commercial, intellectual property, product liability, environmental, professional negligence, employment, and insurance litigation. The practice was founded in the mid-1980s helping defend manufacturers in motor vehicle product liability litigation. These cases typically involved catastrophic injuries or deaths and were tried in state courts, typically in venues that were labeled Judicial Hellholes® by the American Tort Reform Association. We handled over 200 such cases on behalf of a wide range of manufacturers and helped deliver many defense verdicts.

Intellectual property litigation became our bread and butter in the early 1990s. Our case load has a heavy component of patent infringement cases, but increasingly contains a significant number of trade secret cases. The major venues we work in include Massachusetts, the Southern District of New York, the Northern District of New Jersey, the Northern District of Illinois as well as Cook County Circuit Court, Delaware, East Texas, West Texas, and the Northern and Central Districts of California.

Our clients have been successful in all of these venues, as well as others, on both sides of the aisle. We have been involved in some of the most consequential intellectual property litigation in the past two decades in high tech and big pharma. Our clients are typically facing a jury that will be asked to award damages in excess of $100 million.

Not every case can be won at trial and some cases should be settled. The big question in these cases it what the likely outcome at trial is and then assess the client’s settlement position from that point of view. Our research helps bring clarity and objectivity to these questions.

We are a data driven firm. Our philosophy is hypothesize, test, refine, implement. We trust our methodology because it has been proven, repeatedly, to produce consistent results. Clients who respect our methodology and trust our recommendations based thereon are successful at trial far more often than not.

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