Mock Trials

There are facts you need to find out about your case before you set one foot in the courtroom. Mock trials present the perfect opportunity to find them. Douglas Green Associates, Inc. offers you this powerful research tool, specifically tailored to meet your needs.

With a mock trial, you create a low pressure, high control scenario...one that allows you to:

  • Evaluate the overall strengths and weaknesses of your trial strategies.
  • Test the effectiveness of your exhibits, evidence and witness testimony.
  • Gauge your chance of success and the range of possible jury verdicts.
  • Repeat the process over again quickly to make necessary adjustments.

There are two types of mock trials that Douglas Green Associates Inc. offers: Mock Trials and Summary Mock Trials.

Mock Trials

A full mock trial is a complete re-enactment of a real trial but in an abbreviated time frame. A mock trial begins with each side delivering an opening statement followed by direct and cross-examination of each side's witnesses. Each side's lawyer then delivers a closing argument and the judge instructs the jury about the law. Following the presentation of evidence, the participants are separated into three or more juries to deliberate on the outcome of case.

Summary Mock Trials

During a summary mock trial, a lawyer is chosen to represent each side of the case. But this is not merely a dress rehearsal. Each lawyer has access to demonstration exhibits, segments of actual testimony, and videotaped or even live witnesses. The case is argued in front multiple juries that will deliberate the case after the presentation of evidence.

Mock Trials and Summary Mock trials can be conducted over one, two or even three days. With this limited time frame, counsel is required to focus their presentation, gaining a deeper appreciation for the real issues in the case.

The Result: A greater chance of success during the actual trial.