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How It Works

We have two core research methodologies we use in most cases.  These are Focus Groups and Mock Trials.

Focus Groups

The methodology for focus groups that we most often use follows the market research approach commonly used for a variety of purposes.  Over the course of the sessions, we present both sides of the case and facilitate discussion, questions and interaction among the participants. Pre- and post-discussion questionnaires are used to gather demographic information, responses to the key issues in the case, and verdict decisions.  Counsel and clients can view the discussions through a two-way mirror or closed-circuit television. 

Mock Trials

Mock trials can be done either in summary fashion or in the more traditional trial simulation method. In both cases, the mock trial begins with jurors receiving preliminary instructions on the law and an overview of the case.  Most one-day mock trials are conducted in a summary fashion whereas two-day mock trials are conducted as trial simulations.  
We recruit mock jurors who all view the presentation of evidence together. This sample of mock jurors is drawn from the trial venue and is designed to represent the expected jury, except in cases where an alternative venue is used. 

What Sets Douglas Green Associates Apart

Online Technology

All of our research can be live streamed to our secure website so that it can be viewed remotely. This allows clients to reduce the in-person footprint for the research.

Data Collection

For mock trials, we collect data from mock jurors at several points in the research. These data provide the basis for the analysis that is included in the research report.

Physical Facilities

We typically conduct mock trials in hotel meeting space or convention center space as they provide the necessary flexibility in physical arrangement, food and beverage, data bandwidth, and power requirements.

Method of Reporting

We always prepare a comprehensive, written report on our research. This is another aspect of our services that sets our firm apart. Our reports focus on the interpretation of research data based upon our experience.

Trial Research

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